Here is some of my work created in 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Ureal and Unity. I think it’s good to understand and be able to create a game from the ground up solo. For this reason I try to learn all areas of game design this includes making my own assets. Some of theses images are single frames taken from Unity and can be seen used in my games or videos in the Games Design section.

Below are a few videos the first ‘Neon Nights’ was created in Unity using Postprossesing stack and Cinemachine. The assets where created in 3ds Max 2017.

The second video is of my ‘UDK FMP’ from college. I got a distiction and certificate for best in the final end of year show. It was created in UDK and the buildings where created in Maya. The buildings used are in one of the above pictures.

The third video named ‘Intro’ is a scene inspired by sleeping beauty. I created this in Unity and Photoshop to learn how to create a kind of emotional intro using sound and visual FX.

‘Intro pt2’ I decided to create because i wanted to see if i could make a 2D idea become 3D so my aim was the same as ‘Intro’ but in a 3D environment. The butterfly is controlled with an xbox 360 controller.